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 supervisory systemA cloud-based insurance assessment system that determines income & asset protection needs through consistent data collection and robust supervision for effective and reliable fiduciary and suitability compliance. AssessBEST delivers an assessment of a client’s financial planning goals, risk tolerance and time horizons that guides the advisor and client to DOL and Suitability compliant insurance solutions.

for Insurance Planners with Supervision Portal for Financial Institutions & Marketing Organizations

Software Features

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  • Consumer Profile Goals & Objectives
  • Experience & Risk Tolerance
  • Savings & Assets
  • Current Income & Expenses
  • Future Income & Expenses

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Additional Resources & Customization

  • Marketing Resources & Informationadditional resources
  • AssessBEST Advisor Registry
  • Fiduciary Training
  • VIP™ Certification (Verifies advisor’s background, credit and licensing credentials)
  • Compensation Benchmarking*
  • Administrative Portaladvise
    • VIP™ Check
    • Audit Reports of Advisor Recommendations
    • Carrier-specific and BIC Signor disclosures
    • Forms Management