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Insurance Advocates, located in Honolulu Hawaii has a long-established relationship with producers, carriers and individual clients. Beginning 1991 in Seattle, Charles Hart and a small group of inspired men and women pioneered the long-term care insurance industry. Insurance Advocates is now intensely focused on life, fixed annuity and long-term care insurance. Lisa anchors the administrative side of the enterprise, and in the late 1990s, enthusiastically encouraged the transition into the wholesale distribution channel.

Integrity is the currency of the culture at Insurance Advocates. Agents quickly recognized the company’s commitment to excellence and joined along. Thousands of producers now see Insurance Advocates as their one-stop shop for all their financial product needs. We lead by example, and we listen intently. We create a climate of trust and confidence and strive to encourage relationships that advocate the maximization of one’s full potential. State-of-the -art products, exceptional sales tools, superior support, innovative incentives and an entrepreneurial spirit ensure the success of every affiliated advisor.