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Kim O'Brien Founder

Kim O’Brien is the Vice Chairman and CEO of Americans for Annuity Protection and the Founder of AssessBEST. She has 35 years of experience in the insurance industry, beginning in 1981 as office manager for an insurance agency. Most recently Kim served NAFA, The National Association for Fixed Annuities, for almost 12 years and led the organization to defeat 151A. In 2002 Kim developed and ran her own marketing organization and received the 2002 Entrepreneur Award from Sun Life. Kim’s experience includes executive positions in product development, marketing and sales. While leading NAFA she was a guiding force to defeat 151A and served on the Suitability Model Working Group as a main architect of the final Model, the Market Conduct Audit working group and was the lead writer of the NAIC Annuity Buyer’s Guide. She is passionate about guaranteed insurance gaps in financial plans and the independent advisory network that delivers qualified recommendation for guaranteed insurance solutions.

Services We Provide

AssessBEST identifies critical saving, income and asset protection objective(s), time horizons, risk tolerance, financial experience and aligns those interests with an insurance solution.

"AssessBEST, Inc. developed the AssessBEST system under vigorous testing and thorough consultation with fiduciary and suitability experts and resources. "

  • Consumer Initial Assessment Report
  • Advisor Recommendation Report
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