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PFG Marketing Group, Inc. is a national Insurance Marketing Organization that has been providing superior service to independent agents and advisors since 1995. Our number one priority is to understand each agent’s business model and in turn, effectively assist them in growing their business by better serving their clients. Our staff has more than 60 years of combined experience and is best known for committing to teach how to be a more effective advisor through one on one training.

We are a founding member of The MV Group, a Professional Consortium of IMOs responsible for combined annuity production in excess of $3 billion per year. PFG is also a Premier Partner of NAFA (National Association of Fixed Annuities) and is a corporate partner of AAP (Americans for Annuity Protection).

PFG Developed the Smart and Ready Income Planning System in 2005 before the first boomers began to turn 65. We have trained hundreds of agents how to properly do Retirement Income Planning for their clients and how to correctly use Fixed Annuities and Life Insurance in a Retirement Income Plan. Our website can be found at